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Wood Peppermill

Smiling Gecko is a holistic cluster project, dedicated to sustainably tackling the causes of poverty and helping people to help themselves. Since 2014, Smiling Gecko Cambodia has become a social start-up company. Many jobs and apprenticeships have been created in the areas of tourism, craft and education. Due to the economic orientation of the cluster projects, they are self-supporting and can finance the school and thus also the education of the children.

This creates and exemplary model of a functioning, rural society in which the living conditions of people are sustainably improved through education, decent work and fair incomes.

The Smiling Gecko Carpentry commenced operations in August 2016 as part of the overall project. With the carpentry, additional jobs and apprenticeships were created for currently 21 young Cambodians. This pepper mill has been handcrafted by Smiling Gecko Carpentry apprentices in Cambodia. The mill has a ceramic grinder, which is particularly well suited for the processing of Cambodian Kampot pepper.

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These peppermills are created by young Cambodians apprentices of Smiling Gecko Carpentry.