The question how handicraft interior decoration can fit in different Interior Design Styles is often raise. In our Handicraft meets Serie we will present different home decoration style such as Baroque, Modern, Contemporary and Traditional, to show that handicraft decoration can fit to all of the said decorating styles.

 Handicraft Interior Decorations are rich in forms, colors, unique stories of cultures and their traditions. They touch all senses. 

Handicraft scented candle by Schulthess Kerzen from Switzerland. Beige color with sweet, floral and aromatic Ylang scent - 100% Natural Oil

Imagine. You enter in your home on a rainy, windy day, the warmth touches your face as you enter through the door and there is a wonderful smell of Ylang. The sweet, floral scent of Ylang. The Ylang Ylang Tree is referred as the Perfume tree. It does not only have a wonderful scent but it also soothe feelings of stress. The candles give your home with a deeply sweet, bright, spicy and stimulating scent with traces of Jasmine a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our 100% natural oil candles are handmade by Schulthess Kerzen. Eyecatching
Black or White? The beautiful contrast of Black or the smooth merge of white?

 A unique table design, which takes you to the wonderful world of Tanzania. The beautiful and stylish table sets bring colour and elegance in your home. The handwoven table set created by WomenCraft. A social community-driven business who are proposing Fair trade handicraft Interior Design products from Tanzania. WomenCraft is generating economic opportunities in gathering the rural women and their arts together. #Ethicalbusiness

 The spring evening in Gold harmony
A bit of Gold glamour

Lean back to enjoy the soft luxurious golden pair of cushions. Relax time or festive decoration, if you want to add a touch of elegance to your living room than these handmade cushion covers are the perfect match with a breeze of Mughal dynasty elegance combined with baroque style.

Sheseam wood in your living space 

A splash of natural wood, golden colour and a touch of elegance comes with this handmade sheesam wood bowl to your Interior Decoration. This delightful bowl makes the everyday snack a highlight and brings with the smooth surface and its design a fine piece of Art in your home.

If you would like to know more about the obove handicraft products please visit the following links: Ylang Amber candle:  Womencraft products:  Gold harmony cushion:  Harmony Balance bowl: Author: Sally
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